TWiV 156: Armed and targeted killer meta-analysis

jx-594Hosts: Vincent RacanielloRich Condit, and Dickson Despommier

Vincent, Rich, and Dickson review a meta-analysis on influenza vaccine, a killer virus in fungi that selects against RNAi, and the use of armed and targeted poxviruses for oncolytic virotherapy.

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1 thought on “TWiV 156: Armed and targeted killer meta-analysis”

  1. With respect to the question about the immune response to vaccinia in cancer patients receiving oncolytic virotherapy: wasn’t there a paper a while back that showed (I think it was) orthopox viruses being transmitted directly from one cell to another without really diffusing through the medium to any great extent?  (In any event, even if it was a different virus there is the possibility that many viruses are transmitted this way) That direct delivery would tend to reduce the influence of whatever circulating antibodies patients might have.  That, and as mentioned the immune suppression of patients due to chemo, might just tip the balance allowing  just enough replication to do the trick. 

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