TWiV 154 transcript

Thanks to TWiV listener Janet for transcribing episode #154, ‘Symbiotic safecrackers’. A pdf file of the transcript can be found on the post for that episode. A list of the episode transcripts is also available.

TWiV transcripts are all listener-generated, for which we are extremely grateful. If you would like to transcribe an episode, please let me know at, to avoid duplication of effort. We will provide a TWiV coffee mug as a token of our gratitude.

1 thought on “TWiV 154 transcript”

  1. Working for the Federal Government, I cannot watch or listen to the podcasts at work and I often don’t have time at home. So, I have to rely on other means to view/hear TWiV episodes. I’d like to extend a big thank you to the responsible person(s) as I know that transcript production is cumbersome.

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