Frederick Hayden on influenza antivirals

Frederick Hayden, Professor of Medicine and Pathology, University of Virginia School of Medicine, U.K., has focused on the use of antiviral agents to prevent and treat respiratory viral infections. His interests range from the use of in vitro assays to study viral susceptibility and antiviral mechanisms of action, to clinical trials utilizing experimentally induced and naturally occurring infections. Work from his laboratory includes the demonstration that intranasal administration of interferons can prevent transmission of rhinovirus colds, studies of transmission of drug-resistant influenza A viruses in families, and the antiviral activity and clinical use of influenza neuraminidase inhibitors. His laboratory currently focuses on the application of nucleic acid hybridization to study rhinovirus pathogenesis, elucidating the phenotypic and genotypic basis of antiviral drug resistance in rhinovirus and influenza viruses, and clinical testing candidate antiviral agents for influenza and rhinovirus infections.

I discussed the use of antiviral drugs to treat influenza with Dr. Hayden during ICAAC Boston 2010, as part of TWiV 99. View the video below, or at YouTube.

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