How much TWiV do you want?

Now that we have reached the 100th episode of TWiV, I’d like to ask our listeners a question that I have been pondering for the past 50 episodes: Is a weekly virology podcast too much? I have the feeling that most listeners don’t have the time to hear every episode, but I don’t have the data to reach a conclusion. Please take a moment to respond to the poll below and let us know how often you would like to have TWiV.

33 thoughts on “How much TWiV do you want?”

  1. I’d personally love to have more. I listen to TWiV or TWiP every day. I can’t get enough. I’d also love to have more TWiP but I understand that folks are busy and don’t necessarily have so much time to devote to it.
    Congrats on your 100th by the way.

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  3. I think it's just about right, I have a 20 minute commute and one TWIV episode pretty much covers 2 days worth of travel. Keep up the great work!

  4. Congratulations TWIV on your 100th episode!!! Weekly works for me! There is just a lot going on in virology that a weekly show is just right. I'm still catching up with older episodes, but I agree with PB2, it would be better if it was shorter (30-45min max).

  5. I am currently working through all episodes from 1 to 99.
    After getting to about number 20 I decided that I needed to listen to Virology 101 before proceeding so am concentrating on that this week.

    I am a huge fan of TWiP and started to listen in earnest to TWiV in order to alleviate Vincent & Dick withdrawal symptoms.
    Considering the 2 podcasts together I would certainly say that a combined total of 1 per week is sufficient.
    Especially since I find that I listen to each TWiP several times.

    In short, I vote 'Every other week' for TWiV and 'Every other other week' for TWiP.

    Thanks for your great work!

  6. As long as you keep 'm coming I don't mind whether it is every week or every other week.
    As a ME/CFS patient I find the podcasts very interesting and hope you will invite dr. Ila Singh back later this year.
    Other formulas: every week, but shorter, with an extra long episode every month.

  7. My 2 cents:

    if you try to do it in less time then I imagine that it will become more of a news programme (“here's some interesting stuff you should go away and look up”) and less of a teaching tool.

  8. It is a great podcast though I admit I can rarely have time to listen to a whole episode at once so I often have to break them up. So weekly is good but if they were under an hour it would make listening more manageable.

  9. I think it's great as a weekly podcast. I look forward to Sundays every week for Twiv to come out. It's definitely not too much. The field of virology is so diverse and connected with molecular biology, epidemiology and ecology that the material to discuss will never run out.

  10. I like the weekly format. I am not always able to sit through the entire program, so a little shorter broadcast wouldn't bother me.

  11. i'm a postdoc in a virology lab and i love listening to TWiV to keep up on the field as a whole. I agree with Felix that a shorter format would not give enough info, esp is a 30 min show included picks of the week and introductions. It's very helpful to hear your discussion on manuscripts instead of just an overview. Besides, what else would I do while I'm doing my plaque assays?

  12. The current format is fine – I can't listen every week but I enjoy working through the back catalogue. But please keep up the current high quality – if you don't have enough time or material to continue weekly, I'd much rather you made it less frequent than have lighter weight, less academic episodes.

  13. I literally would listen to a weekly 3 hour TWiV if that's what you were putting out. I put them on my iPod and listen to them during the walk between classes, and if I don't finish the episode that way, I just finish it before I go to bed. It isn't difficult at all for me to watch the hour and a half TWiVs and, personally, I think that they're better the longer that they are because then I can get more virology in my week.

    I still maintain that TWiV should be replaced by TiV…Today in Virology….maybe that wouldn't be practical for you guys, though.

  14. Oh, and I agree with Felix. I started out trying to catch up on all the TWiVs, so for about two months I was accustomed to getting my Vincent and Dickson “fix” whenever I wanted. But then when I caught up with TWiV I wasn't used to having to wait a whole week for a new episode, so I turned to TWiP, even though I wasn't that interested in non viral parasites, in order to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal that Felix mentioned.

  15. jim in Smithfield, VA

    I'm retired which may allow more listening time, but one hour a week, especially for a podcast, seems to be no imposition at all if you aren't heavily burdened with texting, etc. I've listened to most TWIV's twice. However, I must admit to changing them to play 50% faster and rarely listen at normal speed.

  16. Once a week! The current format is great and if I get behind, I always make time to listen to the back log. It's always interesting, especially the ones on flu.

  17. Congratulations on ep100! i love twiv and listen every week, usually in the lab at the culture hood, but the length of the program does make it difficult to play the whole thing in one go. If it could be constrained/edited to one hour i'd be less likely to split listening up into chunks and, i think, get more out of it overall… but that's just my opinion.

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  20. Agyeman-Badu Ken Yaw

    Every week just as it is…..really love TWiV and Congratulations..Agyeman-Badu Ken Yaw.

  21. I would like to see things stay more or less as they are. If anything more than once a week would be better!

    However if you have time issues, then shorter episodes, with a monthly 'in depth' episode would be preferable to fortnightly.

  22. I'm a Ph.D. candidate at UC Berkeley. An hour or more is needed for in-depth descriptions of the articles you discuss, plus the important weather reports. Any less would be like only reading abstracts and never articles, or only Cliffs Notes and never the Bard.

  23. Every week as I read your other materials and check out the links in the show notes in between to enhance my learning( readers should buy “Principals of Virology”. It was well worth the investment if you are finding you love the subject). Also, the sister show; This Week in Parasitism, keeps me busy too. And yes, the book for that is “Parasitic Diseases” and also a meaningful purchase. Between these two podcasts and reference materials, the pace of once a week is perfect. More than that along with my other studies and interests..I may never make it to work . A TWIV/TWIP addiction is impossible to break. Woe to me..
    Thanks Guys!!
    Lisa Ann Gabriel, RNP
    San Diego, CA

  24. Just to echo a little what people have said before; I sometimes don't have time to listen every week, but I do enjoy having any episodes I may have missed on my iPod to accompany me on long journeys and on growth curve days.. My main problem is what I'm going to do when I run out of back catalogue!!
    I have been listening to your podcast for years, and it actually was pretty instrumental in my change of career.. Despite being a trained medic, my knowledge of virology and related disciplines was pretty poor (medics are taught scandalously little, I feel).. Your podcasts have always been entertaining, educational, interesting and most of all, accessible.. I am now in my second year of my virology PhD and loving every second.. Still listening almost every week!!
    Thanks for the inspiration!! I shudder to think, if I hadn't scrolled through the itunes podcast library that day, I might still be in a miserable job having a miserable time..
    Congratulations on episode 100 and long, long, long may it continue..

  25. Wow! That's great. Personally, I was already interested in virology before finding the podcast, but TWiV has definitely helped me along considerably, and has further deepened my interest in viruses. I think it's awesome that TWiV has such an influence on its listeners. It's the sign of a truly great podcast!

  26. I occasionally miss an episode over the weekend, but then I have an extra treat during the week. My Ipod has all episodes of TWiV and TWiP because I like to go back and listen again to the programs.

  27. Weekly is best, and take as long as you need to cover a topic and do the regular features. I can always catch up on any backlog later.

  28. Weekly is good! I’m listening primarily when commuting (50+ min single trip), and it suits me very well. Also, please do not cut down (or edit down) on length, one of the real good features is that you take the time to delve into subjects, and not just skimming the topmost part of the surface.

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