Trial By Error: Professor Chris Ponting Discusses on DecodeME’s First Results

By David Tuller, DrPH

Professor Chris Ponting is a geneticist at the University of Edinburgh. He is also the principal investigator for DecodeME, a genome wide association study. The DecodeME team recently published findings from more than 17,000 questionnaires it had collected from patients. I wrote about those findings in a post last week. In our conversation, Professor Ponting discussed these results, why it is important to have patients involved in the research, and related issues.

2 thoughts on “Trial By Error: Professor Chris Ponting Discusses on DecodeME’s First Results”

  1. Whatever the results of the DecodeME study turn out to be, it surely shows that there’s no reason for researchers who are considering working in this field to be fearful of harassment or abuse by ME patients or their advocates. There is such a stark contrast between the conviviality of this study and how ME research has been portrayed in the past. I hope the UK mainstream media picks up on that difference and reflects on how and why ME research and patients were previously painted as something quite threatening, to be feared or avoided.

  2. wondering how Judith Rosmalen thinks doing this; first of all gaining the trust of the Dutch ME community which she helped to stigmatize over decades – if at all she’s interested in the patients and not just i her own ego

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