Paul’s Uncle Doesn’t Want to Get Vaccinated

From the authors of Paul Has Measles, Paul Stays Home, and Paul and the Mosquitos, comes Paul’s Uncle Doesn’t Want to Get Vaccinated, an illustrated book for children about vaccines and vaccine hesitancy.

Uncle Henry doesn’t want to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Paul, Sophie, and Luis are afraid that he will get sick, so they show him a book that explains how vaccines work and why they are so important. Do you think they can convince him?

Paul and the Mosquitoes is written by Susana López, Selene Zárate, and Martha Yocupicio, with illustrations by Eva Lobatón.

A pdf of Paul and the Mosquitos can be downloaded free of charge here.

3 thoughts on “Paul’s Uncle Doesn’t Want to Get Vaccinated”

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  3. Trigger warn8ng on this list: I’m going to talk about PTSD,


    This book is well-intentioned, but I am not convinced that it really understands the phenomenon of vaccine hesitancy. I don’t think I understand it, either.

    Some case reports of the vaccine hesitant make it sound like PTSD, with the needle being the trigger for a PTSD episode.

    The text-book example of PTSD might be a soldier who was shot while in a war zone, and now has flashbacks. They know perfectly well that they are not now in a war zone, and hence are at low risk. Knowing that doesn’t help them all that much.

    Also compare psychosis. The delusions of someone who is in the grip of a psychotic episode clearly make no sense. But have you ever tried to reason someone out of a psychotic episode?

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