4 thoughts on “TWiV 619: Recombination led to emergence of SARS-CoV-2”

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  2. Research done by Raul and his team is great and I hope we will get some definite answers. Great podcast! After listening to this I am wondering how is it possible that the mutation would happen in an “unfavorable” direction (in a bat) and still last? As would be the case with ACE2 RBD mutating in bats.

    Another question: why artificial recombination is a ruled out hypothesis? Just the existence of the mechanism in nature doesn’t rule it out? I understand that this hypothesis carries some emotional burden and also probably is last on the list after all the possible recombination paths are not confirmed, but still isn’t it a duty of a scientist to consider all possible paths, isn’t it? My understanding from listening to the podcast is that there is a definite gap in our knowledge since the RBD has recombined “separate” to the rest of the virus.

  3. Skyler K Anderson

    artificial recombination is ruled out because to state otherwise would be detrimental to future grant/employment opportunities. pfft obviosly.

  4. Skyler K Anderson

    You idiots have had decades to protect us from this. So either, it escaped from the Wuhan lab, or the billions pump into “gain-of-function” research has been absolutely worthless. Which is it?

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