TWiV 528: Our annual recapsidation

In the first episode for 2019, the TWiV team reviews the amazing virology stories of the past year.

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2 thoughts on “TWiV 528: Our annual recapsidation”

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  2. Vinnie: I have just sat through TWiV 528 and thoroughly enjoyed being brought up to date. I also concur with the feelings expressed at the end by the participants who feel that being part of what you do is a lifeline, especially for those of us in our retirement years. I am glad to see that you included Raul Andino’s work on RNA viruses in insect cells and the fact that they contain DNA copies of the RNA viruses. I consider this work, along with that of Maria Carla Saleh, Ph.D. of the Viruses and RNAi Group at l’Institut Pasteur the most novel and interesting findings of 2018. I thank Kathy Spindler for remembering that defective viruses were known long ago as DI particles. I predict that these discoveries of defective viral DNA copies in insects and their cell lines will have an important bearing on mammalian viral infections as well.

    I wish you well and many Happy New Years!

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