Trial By Error: My Berkeley-Backed Crowdfunding Campaign

By David Tuller, DrPH

A couple of times a year, Berkeley offers campus projects an opportunity to crowdfund on the university’s platform. So unlike last year, when I used a third-party site, this time my ME/CFS project is crowdfunding money directly into Berkeley. That saves a lot of hassle, and it also means less money lost in fees.

I want to thank Berkeley for its strong support for my ongoing efforts to debunk bad science, and to the Center for Global Public Health in particular for providing me with a campus home. I also want to thank colleagues at the School of Public Health, who reviewed the PACE trial at my request, were unanimously shocked at its flaws, and encouraged me to pursue the project in the first place. The PACE trial is now used in Berkeley graduate epidemiology seminars as a terrific example of terrible research. So it has become a great pedagogical tool, although that hardly makes up for all the damage it has caused.

My project has long since moved beyond its initial focus on PACE. I am trying to address multiple aspects of the issue in multiple countries, so it’s a lot to cover! And once again I need your help. Berkeley opened its crowdfunding platform for a “soft launch” several days ago; yesterday, April 1st, was the “hard launch.”

It goes without saying that I really appreciate every donation, no matter how large or small. I know how much patients have suffered under the yoke of the CBT/GET cult. That has to end, and sooner rather than later.

Here’s my crowdfunding page.


1 thought on “Trial By Error: My Berkeley-Backed Crowdfunding Campaign”

  1. Tragic but be advised there are MANY many things wrong with the different negative XMRV/MLV papers 2009-2019 which many independant intelligent people can flag.

    And there are equally as MANY things wrong with the self proclaimed definitive Lipkin 2012 xmrv/mlv study too which researchers of other negative studies refuse as being any better than their own negative study, and again many people see what was so botched up and bizarre with that study too anyway.

    Year 5 on these HIV Aids medications now which dig deeper n deeper as the years go by.
    Worth the few blips n bumps along the way just like the hiv aids patients also experience until their body finally grapples with the beast and keeps him grounded. Then you keep piling on the meds and the beast has nowhere to go. ARVs work for ME/cfs. The Science 2009 paper was for ME/cfs – hallmark symptom is the lack of vital basic muscle recuperation, that can wax n wane as Ramsay documented, n more often than thought, kill.

    Lipkin took a dive. It was the worst call of his career to then trick Mikovits & Ruscetti into signing onto that paper in 2012 as he changed the width and height of the goalposts at halftime, unknown to all. Peter White n Simon Wessely set it all up. It was all handed to Lipkin on a plate as he drilled the ground to rig his study and throw Mikovits n Ruscetti into the pit. Lipkin locked Mikovits out of the cockpit and nose dived before parachuting out, screwing over everyone, WITH A BIG SMILE ON HIS FACE, farting cytokines n chemokines from his rituxxxxxed inspired microbiome……

    Old games. High stakes. A Half measure definitive study on only quarter-well-done negative studies prior. Horseshit piled on horseshit. With bystanders looking on passively rolling out quarter-thourough shitty negative studies. Lots missed out by all of them. Retrovirology at that level is elite and complicated and the trio of negative UK papers in 2009/2010 were a rotten disservice to desperate ME patients.
    Cytokines n Chemokines jumping left right n twisting here there n everywhere on any given Sunday spruced up with a bit of chilly pepper n microbiome trash to entertain the masses with rituuuuuXimaaaaB. What a FARCE. How on earth did people get so brainwashed??

    Lipkin needs to be made to feel insignificant. It would do him good and give him a massive guilt-rush.

    The 2011 PACE study n 2012 Lipkin study n negative studies were interwoven by decades of policy and betrayal.

    Well now…PACE has been turned into a silver statue.

    Time to go for Gold. Everything Lipkin touches turns into gold. Did he touch too much?

    GAME ON.

    FRANCIS RUSCETTI & JUDY MIKOVITS THE ME/cfs heroes. This is about ME/cfs FIRSTLY.

    Two retroviruses – two or three teams.

    That is how hard it is to identify retrovirus.

    XMRV/MLV belongs to Judy Mikovits.
    HIV to Montagnier/Gallo.
    HTLV to Ruscetti/Poesi.

    That’s all folks. Other scores of retrovirologists or journalists have never found nor reported Jack Shit.

    There are only 5 RETROVIROLOGISTS ever who have found retrovirus. Screw the other useless incompetent wannabe s who published CRAP dreaming on only to please funders.

    Wonderful world we live in

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