TWiV 446: Old sins die hard

The TWiV hosts review an analysis of gender parity trends at virology conferences, and the origin and unusual pathogenesis of the 1918 pandemic H1N1 influenza virus.

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2 thoughts on “TWiV 446: Old sins die hard”

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  2. I do remember that paper and discussion about it in 2014
    I think this is still unclear and there are some problems …

    35:30-1:08:15 1918-flu paper from 2014 paper , Worobey,Han,Rambaut

    I think this is all very speculative, there are lots of problems with those explanations.

    I feel that the 1918 age pattern is still unexplained.

    The genealogy people do have lots of data but aren’t interested in this.

    Did people born just before outbreaks in 1889-1892 do worse in 1918,

    than those born shortly after the outbreak ?

    Same with seasonal outbreaks before 1889 , were they protective ?

    In England (and some other countries) there was (almost) no flu in 1870-1889,

    but still the age-pattern in 1918 was the same.

    Flu in horses was common at that time and in 1918 the horses had it as well.

    An original antigenic sin of similar dramatic effect as in 1918 has not been

    demonstrated in the lab, nor did it happen in other outbreaks.

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