Are viruses alive?

In this new video from Virus Watch, I tackle the thorny question of whether viruses are alive.

Plenty of people have offered their opinon on this question. The results of a poll I’ve had here on virology blog shows that people are divided on the answer.

But I’m sure I have a good answer to this question.

5 thoughts on “Are viruses alive?”

  1. I always worry this is a pseudoquestion. It seems like it should have an answer, but it doesn’t because the world is messy and humans like neat categories.

  2. I understand what you mean. Humans make up their own definitions, what do they really mean? But because I’m very involved with viruses, I had to give my own opinion here.

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  4. and I thougt, the main argument were about evolution history,

    the tree of life, the 3 domains

    When you require “cells” , you are already somehow using that
    evolution-history argument.

    However, there are also bacteriophagues


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