Cross-stitched viruses

The latest addition to the Microbe Art gallery here at virology blog is Watty’s Wall Stuff, where you will find beautiful cross-stitched viruses such as influenza virus, rabies virus, human immunodeficiency virus, herpesvirus and more. Here are some examples of Alicia Watkin’s delicate and creative work.

influenza virus


bacteriophage T4

There are even bacteria, fungi, and parasites:

E. coli



And one of my favorite cells of the immune system, dendritic cells:

Dendritic cell

You can even ask Alicia to make a cross-stitch of your favorite microbe. Mine, of course, is poliovirus. You can also purchase the patterns if you’d like to engage in some synthetic virology.

Thanks to Stephen and Jon for making Watty’s Wall Stuff a Listener Pick of the Week on TWiV #278.

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  1. Awesome — thanks for noticing the microbes, guys! I’m excited to find your site and the resources you have linked, here, too…*very* useful for future patterns and stitches as well as general interest. 😀

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