Viral fiber art

dengue virus pillowViruses inspire many different types of art, but I was unaware of the number of people who make viruses out of fiber!

On This Week in Virology #266 we heard from Emily who had knitted a dengue virus pillow (photograph at left).

The next week on TWiV #267 we heard from Carolyn who had knitted a picornavirus (photo below).

knit picornavirus

The following week (TWiV #268) we heard from Jessica who has also knitted two different icosahedral structures.

knit icoshadedron

This made me wonder how many people knit viruses, so I searched Ravelry for ‘virus’. Here are some of the interesting creations I found.

Cold virus by Krista:

Cold virus

Dawn’s cold virus (rhinovirus):


Melini’s phage hat:

phage hat

Two H1N1 influenza viruses:

h1n1 knit

And Susan’s bacteriophage:

knit bacteriophage

There are also bacteria, such as this collection (with some viruses) from Clare:

knit microbes

You can find more by searching for ‘microbe’ at Ravelry (login required), where you’ll also find the patterns to reproduce these wonderful creations. Microbes are clearly inspiring and fascinating to fiber artists!

Do you make fiber viruses? If so let me know and we can include a photograph here.

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