Viral gifts

If you are looking for the perfect present for that infectious person in your life, there are many microbe-themed possibilities. Here are some suggestions.

Baltimore scheme t-shirt

Zazzle has a number of science-themed T-shirts, but my favorite is the ‘How well do you know virus classification‘ shirt (pictured) which features none other than the Baltimore scheme. If you don’t know what that is, you need to listen to lecture #3 of my virology course.

petri dish ornament

At Artologica you will find artist Michelle Banks’ original watercolor paintings of viruses and bacteria as well as other wonderful creations like the petri dish ornament above.

herpes shirt

Deb Sklut produces wonderful T-shirts with viruses or bacteria, such as the herpesvirus one depicted above. You can purchase her work at  Screenology. Check out my conversation with Deb for more information about this artist and her work.

influenza virus brooch

Jane Hartman produces very cool glass pieces depicting various viruses and bacteria. You can find her crafts at Trilobite Craftworks. I love the influenza virus brooch pictured above, but there are many, many other riveting creations.

viral wrap

For wrapping your gifts, head over to The Wrap Up Project, where you will find blue, red, or green paper covered with common cold or influenza viruses. Proceeds go to St. Mungo’s which provides assistance for homeless people in the United Kingdom.

This is just a small selection of what is out there – check out my Microbe art page for much more. Making beautiful art depicting viruses, bacteria, and other life forms is a great way to make everyone aware of the beauty of science. Please support these very special artists.

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