3 thoughts on “Influenza H7N9 gain of function experiments on Dispatch Radio”

  1. Elizabeth Hart

    Professor Racaniello’s interview with Robert Herriman provides a useful example of a scientist’s attitude to controversial ‘gain of function’ research.

    In the interests of transparency and accountability, I have prepared a full transcript of the interview which can be accessed via this link: http://users.on.net/~peter.hart/Racaniello_GOF_transcript_10_August_2013.pdf

    I have also posted a link to this transcript in the comments on the previous relevant post “Virologists plan influenza H7N9 gain of function experiments”: https://virology.ws/2013/08/07/virologists-plan-influenza-h7n9-gain-of-function-experiments/

  2. thanks for the transcript.Racaniello: …and I think it’s better to do the experiment, and if it works out publish it, and then
    explain why you did it afterwards—would that be legal ?Suppose he had the required biosafety in his country, won’t he have to announce the experiments ?And if he succeeds to make a pandemic capable virus, would he have to tell it ?

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