Further defense of the Chinese H1N1 – H5N1 study

Robert Herriman of The Global Dispatch interviewed me this week on the H1N1 – H5N1 reassortant study that has been in the headlines:

There was much written concerning the research published earlier this month in Science, where researchers from China’s Harbin Veterinary Research Institute reported creating an  avian H5N1 (highly pathogenic) and pandemic 2009 H1N1 (easily transmissible) hybrid, that according to them, achieved airborne spread between guinea pigs.

Read the rest of the article at The Global Dispatch.

7 thoughts on “Further defense of the Chinese H1N1 – H5N1 study”

  1. I’ve read the article. I’ve learned so much from it. Anyway, I’m just curious why those new influenza viruses arise from animals. Also, what are the causes that make these viruses mutate rapidly? Is global warming responsible for this?

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  3. they accidentally go to mammals !They mutate as rapidly as all flu-A,RNA-viruses,no proof-reading.Unrelated to global warming afaict. Flu likes it cold

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