1 thought on “Ferreting out the truth on Science Sunday Hangout on Air”

  1. https://virology.ws/2013/05/14/ferreting-out-the-truth-on-science-sunday-hangout-on-air/

    Ferreting out the Truth

    Panel Discussion on H5N1 Influenza

    5 May,2013

    Vincent Racaniello,William McEwan,Tommy Leung

    2:52 starts introduction

    4:20 R:review of Fouchier,Kawaoka,2011

    11:00 E: mice,ferrets

    13:00 R: animals help to understand, but no good models

    15:00 R:chimps=bad model

    I stopped at 23:00 – someone else continue please …

    looks basic, no special papers, no controversial discussion (?)

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