Petition to ban intelligence involvement in public health campaigns

A petition has been created which asks the Obama Administration to ban intelligence involvement in public health campaigns:

We petition President Obama to amend Executive Order 12333, adding a paragraph after the prohibition on covert action related to US domestic politics. The amendment should ban persons in the intelligence community or acting on their behalf from joining or participating in any activity directly related to the provision of child public health services.

Charles Kenny of the Center for Global Development provides background on the petition.

3 thoughts on “Petition to ban intelligence involvement in public health campaigns”

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  3. Now-a-days health campaigns are common to find and so as it is quite beneficial for people to know about different health care institutions so that they would be more helpful and but the involvement of intelligence is hampering the services which affect the health care institution a lot. So a new petition has been launched by the Obama administration to stop the hindrance caused by involvement of public.

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