Glass microbes

glass bacteriophageI am always looking for microbe-themed art; I keep a list of my findings at Microbe Art. I’ve just discovered a new artist: Jane Hartman of Trilobite Glassworks. From her website:

Trilobite Glassworks features stained glass and fused glass decorative as well as functional pieces all designed and made by me. I use both traditional art glass as well as recycled bottles and found objects. Trilobites make me smile. I hope my glass creations make you smile.

I work primarily with stained glass and fused glass, though I have dabbled in lamp-working and mosaics as well. In a previous life, I studied paleontology which is where my business name originated (trilobites are extinct marine arthropods).

Some of my favorites include a glass bacteriophage magnet (illustrated), dengue virus brooch, Junin virus magnet, hantavirus magnet, and ebolavirus brooch. There are many more viruses, bacteria, eukaryotes, and other glass objects at Triolbite Glassworks.

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