How to read a scientific paper

On episode #169 of This Week in Virology we had a good discussion about how to read a scientific paper. Many individuals have asked about making this into a separate audio file, so here it is.

Click the arrow above to play, or right-click this link to download our thoughts on how to read a scientific paper (22 MB .mp3, 30 minutes).

Transcript of this discussion (pdf).

Epidemiologist Michael Walsh has shared a PowerPoint presentation on this topic (482 KB PowerPoint file).

4 thoughts on “How to read a scientific paper”

  1. Excellent! Thank you very much for sharing. I also find very helpful to go through the introduction first and then go right into the results. While I read the results I try to think ahead the conclusions the authors have, considering what I originally read in the abstract, and then I read the authors’ discussion. Finally, I give a quick look at the methods to look for techniques and experiments that are new for me.

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