Educating the world about microbes

I just returned from Dublin where I was honored to receive the Peter Wildy Prize for Microbiology Education from the Society for General Microbiology. This prize is awarded annually for an outstanding contribution to microbiology education, including university teaching, education of the general public, school pupils or professional groups.

Below is a video of my acceptance talk. Thanks to Chris Condayan of ASM for the excellent split-screen recording.

While at the SGM meeting in Dublin I recorded TWiV 177 with Connor Bamford, Wendy Barclay, Richard Elliott and Ron Fouchier. Audio and video will be posted on 1 April 2012.

15 thoughts on “Educating the world about microbes”

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  2. Nicola F Fletcher

    Congratulations Dr. Racaniello – a well deserved honor. I can’t imagine the world without TWiV!

  3. jim, Smithfield, VA

    Well done! Thank you for sharing. Excellent overview of your work. Thought, at first, the photo of the undergrad class was the conference hall and hoped for a larger crowd which it probably was, to increase the exposure to your work. Nice visual aids, but the resolution wasn’t good for full-screen viewing to make them readable. You still get the idea. Your star is ascending! Well, constellation, actually, with Dick, Alan, Rich, etc.

  4. Microbes are very small but they are important for human body as we couldn’t digest food without them. Without microbes, plants couldn’t grow, garbage wouldn’t decay and there would be a lot less oxygen to breathe. These small microbes plays an important role in environmental cycle.

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