TWiV 169: Epidemiology causes conclusions (p<0.05)

Snow cholera mapOn This Week in Virology #169, Michael Walsh and the TWiV team review epidemiology basics, including fatality ratios.

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  1. HIV-Negative AIDS: Do I have CFS, ME, ICL, or AIDS?

    The medical establishment will have you believe that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) is some sort of mysterious illness, but it’s no mystery to me; CFS/ME leads to HIV-Negative AIDS, idiopathic CD lympocytopena (ICL), a clinical diagnosis that I possess.How can the AIDS establishment continue with a stale “it’s caused by HIV” theory when there are ICL cases cited in medical journals dating back to 1992? While millions of ailing immunodeficient CFS/ME patients get belittled and neglected, perfectly healthy HIV+ people are allocated billions of dollars in taxpayer money. How can it make sense to anyone?In the U.S. last year, the NIH spent $3.1 billion researching perfectly healthy HIV+ people. Sick, ailing immunodeficienct (some of us dying) CFS/ME patients received a meager $6 million. How can it make sense to you?  Source:'s so easy to see that the medical establishment simply has these paradigms (CFS, HIV) inverted. AIDS patients are simply more CFS patients, who also happen to harbor a seemingly harmless virus, HIV. AIDS patients are just the tip of the CFS iceberg, and it’s well-documented that HIV is not the cause of CFS/ME.How else do you explain that there is no CFS/ME epidemic in the HIV+ population? CFS/ME does not discriminate. The answer is that there is; any otherwise perfectly healthy HIV+ person that is: 1) symptomatic, 2) better on ARV’s, and/or 3) severely immunosuppressed (AIDS)……is a CFS patient.Putting causal pathogens aside for a minute, simply rename CFS, ME, and AIDS all to be “low natural killer cell disease” and only diagnosis patients with “low natural killer cells” with it.  Everyone would very clearly see that:CFS + ME + AIDS = low NK cell disease = one catastrophic epidemic * * not caused by HIVAllied government sold-out global public health for sake of profit –> industry, oil, and Orwellian greed.  If I weren’t only 25% alive, I often wonder if I should Occupy the White House.Now that the mystery has been solved, could we please stop wasting time and re-allocate all the HIV funding into CFS/AIDS research?I demand a revolution!7 Step Plan to resolving our World’s catastrophic public health disaster:1. Demand research funding parity for CFS with AIDS.2. Suggest that CFS & AIDS be researched together by scientists rather than as separate entities.3. Urge the CDC to move their AIDS division under the CFS umbrella so they research all the infections that AIDS and CFS have in common.4. Urge that AIDS organizations (like AmfAR) include CFS under their umbrellas so that CFS advocates don’t have to reinvent the wheel.5. Demand that the White House, Fauci and the Director of NIH make a public statement that (just from what we know today) in terms of the immune dysfunction and human suffering, CFS is just as serious a public health problem as AIDS.6. Request that an annual international joint CFS & AIDS conference be held by the World Health Organization.7. Suggest that next December 1st be declared the first “World CFS/AIDS Day.”I stopped fighting for myself a long, long time ago.I fight for humanity.To learn more about HIV-Negative AIDS, and to see the *new* face of AIDS: http://www.cfsstraighttalk.blogspot.comCould I be you?

  2. People don’t ignore me; you are proof of that. I got the White House to open an investigation; my senator forwarded my case to the head of the CDC and NIH(my blood has been to Atlatna twice and to the Wash-DC path labs. Faciliated by the UN I have been out of the US (not just once, but twice). I have found many people don’t add replies to my posts (like you have) because they have an inability to cope with the truth. None of it makes any difference to me, because I will still be dying and your blood supply with still be contaminated with a non-HIV, AIDS-causing pathogen. Please feel free to keep ‘ignoring’ reality, and have a good day.

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