TWiV 166: Breaking and entering

npc1 ebolaHosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dickson DespommierRich Condit, and Alan Dove

Vincent, Dickson, Rich, and Alan review cell proteins essential for entry of hepatitis C, Ebola, and measles viruses.

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4 thoughts on “TWiV 166: Breaking and entering”

  1. NPC1L1 (from the HCV paper) and NPC1 (from the two EBOV papers) are different proteins with low sequence identity and distinct patterns of localization.

  2. Thanks for this interesting show again. I just set the ebolavirus / NPC papers as a student assignment, so I’ll be able to see if they come up with as good a discussion as you did!
    I also set the older papers on identification of CD150 as a measles virus receptor – but maybe I should switch to the new papers on nectin, to bring things up to date.

  3. Hi Guest,  Thank you for pointing out that the protein discussed in the HCV paper and Ebola papers are different. This is important difference.  In fact, unpublished data from the Uprichard Laboratory indicates that the NPC1 protein required for Ebola is not required for HCV. 

  4. Hi! Thanks for a great podcast. I’d like to use the image of the Filovirus entering the cell (above)   wasn’t sure where it was from (though it does look like your text book style) and if it was yours – what would you like me to reference?
    Thanks again for everything!

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