TWiV 146: Draco’s potion

dracoHosts: Vincent RacanielloRich Condit, and Abbie Smith

Vincent, Rich, and Abbie review a broad spectrum antiviral protein, and selective pressure applied by a failed HIV-1 vaccine.

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Weekly Science Picks

Vincent – Hypothetical Risk: Cambridge City Council’s Hearings on Recombinant DNA Research
Rich –
Z Corporation 3-D printer (YouTube)

Listener Pick of the Week

JimDo-it-yourself DNA extraction (Citizen Scientist Quarterly)

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4 thoughts on “TWiV 146: Draco’s potion”

  1. On the one side I’m very glad that someone started to develop a broad-spectrum antiviral but on the other side I’m really scared that if anything goes wrong with DRACOs they will induce apoptosis in too many cells and ultimately lead to the death of the patient. 

  2. Connor Bamford

    Hi guys, good talk – I really loved that DRACO paper. And, thanks for the shout out ruleof6ix!


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