TWiV 135: Live in the Big Easy

ASM GM New OrleansHosts: Vincent Racaniello, Roger Hendrix, Rachel Katzenellenbogen, and Harmit Malik

Vincent and guests Rachel Katzenellenbogen, Roger Hendrix, and Harmit Malik recorded TWiV #135 live at the 2011 ASM General Meeting in New Orleans, where they discussed transformation and oncogenesis by human papillomaviruses, the amazing collection of bacteriophages on the planet, and the evolution of genetic conflict between virus and host.

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Weekly Science Picks

Roger – Atomic structure of adenovirus by cry0-EM (Science)
Syncytin knockout mice show role for endogenous retroviral gene (PNAS)
Vincent – Free science, one paper at a time by David Dobbs

Listener Pick of the Week

Mark  – Shot by Shot

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2 thoughts on “TWiV 135: Live in the Big Easy”

  1. Vincent, thanks so much for making me your pick. Means a lot coming from you. Really glad you enjoyed the article, and it’s fun to know it infected you at the bug conference — the one way I have any desire to go viral. 

    Keep up the good work. 


  2. David, it’s a wonderful story, written in a way that not only brings
    out the open-access arguments but the humanity behind it all, in a
    sensitive way. Great job. You might want to know why I stumbled on it
    – I was at a meeting of the ASM Communications Committee, of which
    Jonathan Eisen is also a member. He spoke of one point of his efforts
    to obtain his father’s papers, and I started searching for the story
    online, and came across your wonderful article. It was the perfect
    opportunity to make it a weekly pick, at TWiV live at ASM. Many thanks
    for telling the story.

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