TWiV 114: Ten out of ’10

vaccinia plaqueHosts: Vincent RacanielloAlan Dove, and Rich Condit

On episode #114 of the podcast This Week in Virology, Vincent, Alan, and Rich revisit ten compelling virology stories of 2010.

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Ten virology stories of 2010:

  1. XMRV, CFS, and prostate cancer (TWiV 113, 99, 98, 94, 89, 76, 70, 65)
  2. The ongoing saga of polio eradication (TWiV 110, 79)
  3. Viruses interact with the miRNA/siRNA system (TWiV 108, 72)
  4. Endogenous viruses – retro and beyond (TWiV 105, 91, 88, 65)
  5. Dengue virus progress and new outbreak (TWiV 111, 95, 82)
  6. Colony collapse disorder (TWiV 104)
  7. David Baltimore (TWiV 100)
  8. Ode to a plaque (TWiV 68)
  9. Vaccine contamination with circovirus (TWiV 86, 77, 75)
  10. Universal influenza vaccines (TWiV 107)

Weekly Science Picks

Rich – Elementary schoolchildren publish a science paper (original article and editorial with video) – thanks Kathy!
Alan – White-nose syndrome blog
Vincent – Headway, headlines and healthy skepticism

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2 thoughts on “TWiV 114: Ten out of ’10”

  1. It’s not that prostate cancer isn’t popular nor more important than ME/CFS, but that prostate cancer already has a known pathophysiology, effective treatments and cures. XMRV has also been found in much higher numbers in ME/CFS(66-86%) vs Prostate tumors(25%). Further, there is no known pathophysiology, no effective treatments, and no cures for millions with CFS/ME. We are disabled and dying so we are all in a much desparate position than prostate cancer or any cancer patient for that matter.

    The ME/CFS community is just looking for the truth whether XMRV is the cause or not so that we can finally uncover the cause/pathophysiology and get real treatment!

    Thank you all for your extensive and engaging coverage of XMRV and ME/CFS throughout 2010! Please continue to do so in 2011! Take care.

  2. In episode 94 Alan dove says, “there’s evidence for a psychiatric etiology, I mean exactly that – CFS could be a psychiatric disease, just as schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorder are”

    I want to know if Alan still believes this is true or if he’s changed his mind.

    Alan? do tell!

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