3 thoughts on “Virology lecture #14: Virus-host interactions”

  1. Hi Dr.Racaniello,

    I could not hear the reasons Dr.Silverstein gave for ' Why does DNA enter the nucleus' ?
    It's interesting that viruses help us understand the process the molecular biology better.


  2. Viral DNAs enter the nucleus because they must be replicated by host
    enzymes, or utilize host proteins involved in DNA replication. Most
    DNA viruses must undergo this step as they do not encode DNA
    replication machinery. Exceptions are poxviruses and mimiviruses which
    apparently encode their own DNA replication system and replicate in
    the cytoplasm of the cell.

  3. Pravara Rupawate

    hello sir
    i m bioinformatitian .i want to know how potent are the vaccines designed by bioinformatics approach,i.e. epitope prediction etc

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