Crislip on flu vaccine efficacy

quackcastMy interminable 2.5 hour commute this morning was made tolerable by listening to the Quackcast #35 from Mark Crislip, “Flu vaccine efficacy and 18 taradiddles”. In this excellent and highly recommended episode, Dr. Crislip addresses the contention that the influenza virus vaccine is worthless.

To make it even easier for you to listen to this episode, I’ve embedded the podcast in this post, so you just have to click on the audio player below.

I do have one criticism: Dr. Crislip uses the term antibiotics to describe drugs that inhibit viral replication. I recognize that Mark is aware of the proper name for antiviral drugs. To enable meaningful discussions, everyone should know that the terms antibiotic and antiviral have very different meaning.
[audio:|titles=Quackcast 35]

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  1. himanshu_sharma

    I dont think each of us has access to the podcasts from our work place.I would like you to make a text conversion of the audio.
    Always Grateful,

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