TWiV 43: Virus classification

twiv-200Hosts: Vincent Racaniello and Dick Despommier

In episode 43 of the podcast “This Week in Virology”, Vincent and Dick explain virus classification, and revisit the 1976 swine flu immunization campaign and Guillain-Barre syndrome.

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Links for this episode:
International Committee on the Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV)
CBS 60 Minutes on 1976 swine flu vaccine (thanks Gus and Swiss compass!)
Vaccines and Guillain-Barre
NINDS Guillain-Barre Information
Reflections on the 1976 swine flu vaccination program
Swine influenza outbreak at Fort Dix, 1976

Weekly Science Picks
Dick Five Kingdoms: An Illustrated Guide to the Phyla of Life on Earth by Lynn Margulis and Karlene V. Schwartz
Vincent A Genetic Switch by Mark Ptashne

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