TWiV 37: Open access

twiv_aa_2001Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Alan Dove, and Eric O. Freed

On episode 37 of the podcast “This Week in Virology ” (TWiV), Vincent, Alan, and Eric Freed talk about vesivirus contamination of bioreactors, pandemic influenza, maximizing the effect of vaccination by targeting children, chikungunya virus, and open access scientific journals.

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Links for this episode:
Genzyme shuts down manufacturing of two enzyme drugs because of vesivirus contamination
Brazilian H1N1 isolate is not novel
WHO interactive H1N1 map
Targeting children maximizes the effect of vaccination
Chikungunya virus and Aedes mosquitoes
Viruses, an open-access virology journal
A field study of virus removal in septic tank drainfields

Weekly Science Picks
Alan Forrest Mims (website)
Vincent The Machinery of Life by David S. Goodsell

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