Virology Course 2014


Virology – Biology W3310/4310

Spring 2014

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This Columbia University virology course is offered each year in the spring semester.

Lecture Schedule, Spring 2014

Date Topic Reading Slides Videocast
1/22 Lecture 1: What is a virus? Flint Vol I Chp 1
€¢The virus and the virion
€¢Cell size and scale
pdf YouTube
1/27 Lecture 2: The infectious cycle Flint Vol I Chp 2
€¢Influenza virus growth in eggs
€¢Influenza hemagglutination inhibition assay
€¢The amazing cells of Henrietta Lacks
€¢The Wall of Polio
€¢Small fragments of viral nucleic acid
pdf YouTube
1/29 Lecture 3: Genomes and genetics Flint Vol I Chp 3
€¢The Baltimore scheme
pdf YouTube
2/3 Lecture 4: Structure Flint Vol I Chp 4
€¢Structure of influenza virus
€¢Virus images at ViperDB
pdf YouTube
2/5 Lecture 5: Attachment and entry Flint Vol I Chp 5
€¢Influenza virus attachment to cells
€¢Influenza virus attachment to cells: Role of different sialic acids
€¢A single amino acid change switches avian influenza H5n1 and H7N9 viruses to human receptors
pdf YouTube
2/10 Lecture 6: RNA directed RNA synthesis Flint Vol I Chp 6
€¢Influenza viral RNA synthesis
€¢The error prone ways of RNA synthesis
pdf YouTube
2/12 Lecture 7: Viral DNA replication Flint Vol I Chp 9 pdf YouTube
2/17 Exam I
2/19 Lecture 8: Transcription and RNA processing Flint Vol I Chp 8 and 10 pdf YouTube
2/24 Lecture 9: Reverse transcription and integration Flint Vol I Chp 7
€¢Museum pelts help date the Koala retrovirus
€¢Unexpected endogenous retroviruses
pdf YouTube
2/26 Lecture 10: Translation Flint Vol I Chp 11 pdf YouTube
3/3 Lecture 11: Assembly Flint Vol I Chapters 12 and 13
€¢Packaging of the segmented influenza virus genome
pdf YouTube
3/5 Lecture 12: Infection basics Flint Vol II Chapters 1 and 2
€¢Transmission of influenza
Slow motion sneezing
Chikungunya an exotic virus on the move
Do the tropics have a flu season?
pdf YouTube
3/10 Lecture 13: Intrinsic and innate defenses Flint Vol II Chapters 3 and 4
€¢The inflammatory response
Natural antibody protects against viral infection
pdf YouTube
3/12 Lecture 14: Adaptive immunity Flint Vol II Chapter 4 pdf YouTube
3/17 Spring Recess
3/19 Spring Recess
3/24 Lecture 15: Viral virulence Flint Vol II Chapter 2
€¢Antimicrobial peptides induced by herpesvirus enhance HIV-1 infection
HIV gets the zinc finger
pdf YouTube
3/26 Lecture 16: Acute infections Flint Vol II Chapter 5
€¢Acute viral infections
Chronology of an acute infection
pdf YouTube
3/31 Lecture 17: Persistent infections Flint Vol II Chapter 5 pdf YouTube
4/2 Exam II
4/7 Lecture 18: Transformation and oncogenesis Flint Vol II Chapter 7 pdf YouTube
4/9 Lecture 19: Vaccines Flint Vol II Chapter 8
€¢Influenza virus-like particle vaccine
Poliovirus vaccine safety
pdf YouTube
4/14 Lecture 20: Antivirals Flint Vol II Chapter 9
€¢Treating hepatitis C by blocking a cellular microRNA
TWiV 270: Homeland virology (developing a smallpox antiviral)
pdf YouTube
4/16 Lecture 21: Evolution Flint Vol II Chapter 10 pp 311-333
€¢Virulence – a positive or negative trait for evolution?
Increased fidelity reduces viral fitness
€¢Why do viruses cause disease?
pdf YouTube
4/23 Lecture 22: Emerging viruses Flint Vol II Chapter 10 pp 333-end
€¢Heartland virus disease
The zoonotic pool
pdf YouTube
4/28 Lecture 23: Unusual infectious agents Flint Vol II Appendix A
€¢Virophages engineer the ecosystem
pdf YouTube
4/30 Lecture 24: HIV pathogenesis Flint Vol II Chapter 6
€¢The HIV hideout (podcast)
pdf YouTube
5/5 Lecture 25: H5N1 €¢Asymptomatic H5N1 infection
A bad day for science
pdf YouTube
5/12 Exam III

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