Complementing neutralization of viruses by antibodies

Viral infection of vertebrates leads to the production of antibodies, and some of these can block virus infection by a process that is called neutralization. Antibodies can neutralize viral infectivity in a number of ways: they may impair virus entry into cells, and even cause degradation of the capsid in the cytoplasm. A newly discovered …

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Futures in Biotech 71: Genomics, Proteomics, Cellular Immunity, and Anti-Matter

I joined Marc Pelletier, Andre Nantel, and George Farr on episode 71 of Futures in Biotech for a conversation about the 1000 genome project, the billion dollar human proteome, how antibodies block viral infection, and capturing anti-matter. [audio: | titles=FiB 71] Download audio FiB #71 (42 MB .mp3, 87 minutes) Download video (211 MB .mp4)

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