TWiM 140: Small town, big science

At the Hamilton, Montana Performing Arts Center, Vincent speaks with three local high school graduates and two high school teachers about how Rocky Mountain Laboratories influenced school science programs and opened up career opportunities. You can find TWiM #140 at microbe.tv/twim, or listen and watch here. [powerpress url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/twimshow/TWiM140.mp3″] Right click to download TWiM#140 (47 MB .mp3, 78 minutes) Subscribe to …

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MicrobeTV produces podcasts and videos about microbes, like This Week in Virology, This Week in Microbiology, This Week in Parasitism, This Week in Evolution, and Virus Watch. We love all microbes, and our goal is to make the microbial sciences easily understood. We would like your support to help us produce a steady stream of podcasts, and videos with great …

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I started my first podcast, This Week in Virology, in September 2008, together with Dickson Despommier, father of the Vertical Farm. Although I viewed the creation of a science podcast as an experiment, I was surprised when people began to listen. Since then I have created five other podcasts, scattered at different websites. Now you can find all of them at MicrobeTV. MicrobeTV is …

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