TWiV 272: Give peas a chance

On episode #272 of the science show This Week in Virology, the TWiV team describes aphid control by using a viral capsid protein to deliver a spider toxin to plants, and a human endogenous retrovirus that enhances expression of a neuronal gene. You can find TWiV #272 at www.microbe.tv/twiv.

TWiV 53: The ends justify the means

Hosts: Vincent Racaniello, Dick Despommier, and Alan Dove In episode #53 of the podcast “This Week in Virology”, Vincent, Dick, and Alan talk about Nobel prizes for telomere research, bacteriophages that protect aphids from wasps, salicylates and pandemic influenza mortality, and hand washing. [powerpress url=”http://traffic.libsyn.com/twiv/TWiV053.mp3″] Click the arrow above to play, or right-click to download …

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