TWiEVO: This Week in Evolution

To a molecular biologist, the word ‘evolution’ evokes images of fossils, dusty rocks, and phylogenetic trees covering eons. The fields of molecular biology and evolutionary biology diverged during the twentieth century, but new experimental technologies have lead to a fusion of the two disciplines. The result is that evolutionary biologists have the unprecedented ability to evaluate how genetic change produces novel …

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Exaptation: A cell enzyme becomes a viral capsid protein

The acquisition of a capsid is thought to be a key event in the evolution of viruses from the self-replicating genetic elements that existed during the pre-cellular stage on Earth. The origin of viral capsids has been obscure because their components are not similar to cellular proteins. The discovery that a viral capsid protein evolved from …

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TWiV 366: Doctorates down under

On episode #366 of the science show This Week in Virology, Vincent visits Melbourne, Australia, where he speaks with four PhD students about their research projects and what it’s like to get a doctorate down under. You can find TWiV #366 at www.microbe.tv/twiv. Or you can watch the video below.

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