Virus gifts

Looking to give a virus-themed gift to someone this year? Here are some suggestions. As expected Ebola virus dominated. Where are the EV-D68 items?

An Ebola Texas shirt from VineFreshTees:

Ebola Texas

Virus tree ornaments made of wood at BuenoMarket:

tree viruses

Viral mugs at Thefty:

viral mug

Artologica always has fabulous microbe art, including this swine flu watercolor:

swine flu

A favorite last year, Screenology, also has an Ebola virus T shirt:

Ebola virus t shirt

Another favorite from last year, Trilobite Glassworks, went the Ebola virus route with this dish; there is also a brooch:

Ebola dish

For wrapping your gifts, try The Wrap Up Project, where you will find blue, red, or green paper covered with viruses. Proceeds go to St. Mungo’s which provides assistance for homeless people in the United Kingdom.

virus wrap

This is just a small selection of what is out there €“ check out my Microbe art page for much more. Making beautiful art depicting viruses, bacteria, and other life forms is a great way to make everyone aware of the beauty of science. Please support these very special artists.

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