TWiV #13: Top 10 virology stories of 2008


On This Week in Virology #13, Vincent and Alan talk about President-elect Obama’s choices for his science advisors, SARS sensationalism, a new enteric picornavirus, and the top 10 virology stories of 2008.

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TWiV’s top 10 virology stories of 2008:

1. Nobel Prize in Medicine to Montagnier, Barre-Sinoussi, and zur Hausen
2. AIDS elite controllers partly explained
3. Cancellation of PAVE HIV-1 vaccine trial
4. Gut homing receptor for HIV-1
5. New Ebola strain
6. New mosquito virus
7. How mosquitoes survive virus infection
8. Mouse model for Chikungunya
9. Genome sequences of 150 avian influenza virus strains
10.  Understanding the RS virus vaccine failure

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