Virologists rely on the research literature not only to publish their findings, but to keep up with what other virologists are doing. PubMed, a database that provides citations from many life sciences journals and related resources, provides an easy way to search the entire biomedical literature and is used by most virologists on a daily basis.

HubMed is an alternative to the PubMed interface. Special features (taken from the HubMed website) include date- or relevance-ranked search results; web feeds for regular updates of published literature matching any search; clustering and graphical display of related articles; expansion of query terms; direct export of citation metadata in many formats; linking of keywords to external sources of information; manual categorisation (tagging) and storage of interesting articles.

A related site is HubLog, a blog by the creator of HubMed which provides insight into using HubMed and general information-related hacking.

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